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3rd December 2009: 7th HPCx Annual Seminar , STFC Daresbury Laboratory


5th December 2008: Course: Parallel IO using MPI-IO, STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

4th December 2008: Parallel I/O Workshop, STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

2nd-3rd December 2008: 19th Machine Evaluation Workshop, STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

26th-27th November 2008: High Performance Reconfigurable Computing: using FPGAs for HPC, EPCC, Edinburgh.

17th-19th November 2008: Introduction to Parallel Programming, University College, London.

12th November 2008: HPCx User Group: Complementary Capability computing on HPCx, taking place over Access Grid.

8th-11th September 2008: UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2008 , Edinburgh.

18th June 2008: Novel Parallel Programming Languages for HPC , e-Science Institute, Edinburgh.

17th June 2008: 6th HPCx Annual Seminar , e-Science Institute, Edinburgh.


26th November 2007: 5th HPCx Annual Seminar , Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington


5th-6th December 2006: 17th Machine Evaluation Workshop , CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory.

14 December 2006: Workshop on Computational Engineering on HPCx, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory.

10 November 2006: Tools For High Performance Computing CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

1st November 2006: Phase 3: Full implementation of the 12 Tflop/s Service

23-25 October 2006: DEISA Training Session in Jülich, Germany.

12 October 2006: Application Performance and Tuning Workshop, Daresbury Laboratory.

4 October 2006: HPCx Fourth Annual Seminar, National e-Science Centre, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh.

03 October 2006: HPCx Workshop on Ab-initio Plane-wave Materials Science Codes in HPC , National e-Science Centre, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh.

28 Sept 2006: Introduction to the HPCx Service Daresbury Laboratory

28 July 2006: Meeting of HPCx User Group via Access Grid.

30 May - 2 June, 2006: Course: Applied Numerical Algorithms EPCC.

25 May, 2006: Course: Porting Codes from CSAR to HPCx Manchester Computing.

24-26 May, 2006: Course: Parallel Decomposition EPCC.

9-11 May, 2006: Course: Message Passing Programming EPCC.

2-4 May, 2006: Course: Shared Memory Programming EPCC.

25-28 April, 2006: Course: Practical Software Development EPCC.

18-20 April, 2006: Course: Fundamental Concepts of High Performance Computing EPCC.

9 April, 2006: EPCC at the 2006 Edinburgh International Science Festival.

22nd March, 2006: Course: Optimisation for Power5 Daresbury Laboratory.


8th December, 2005: Course: Optimisation for Power5 Daresbury Laboratory, Thursday 8 December

6th-7th December, 2005: 16th Machine Evaluation Workshop Daresbury Laboratory, Tuesday-Wednesday 6-7 December

5th December, 2005: The Third HPCx Annual Seminar, The Merrison Lecture Theatre, Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington, UK.

30 November - 2 December 2005: Course: Computational Chemistry on HPCx Daresbury Laboratory.

28th-29th November 2005: European Global Array Users' Meeting Daresbury Laboratory, Monday-Tuesday 28-29 November

23-24 November 2005: Power 4+ to Power 5 upgrade

24th November 2005: Course: Parallel I/O using MPI-IO, EPCC, Edinburgh.

23rd November 2005: Course: Scientific Visualisation using VTK, EPCC, Edinburgh.

21st November 2005: Workshop: Progress in Environmental Engineering: Is There A Role For High-End Computing?, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory

25-27 October 2005: Message-Passing Programming with MPI Tuesday-Thursday, 25-27 October, 2005, at EPCC, Edinburgh University

4th-6th October, 2005: EPCC Workshop: Blue Gene and QCDOC: Next Generation of HPC Architecture, National e-Science Centre, Edinburgh.

29th August - 1st September, 2005: Course at EPCC: Practical Software Development

23rd-24th August, 2005: Course at EPCC: Java for High Performance Computing

22nd August, 2005: Course at EPCC: Introduction to High Performance Computing

26-29 July, 2005: , Two courses: "Using HPCx" and "MPI", University of Leeds. Appleton Laboratory.

12:30 20th July, 2005: User Group Meeting with presentations, using Access Grid

20th May, 2005: Course: Improved Performance Scaling on HPCx, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

19th May, 2005: Course: Optimisation Techniques for the Power4 Processor, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

18th May, 2005: Life Sciences Workshop, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, 13.30 - 17.00

31st May to 4th June, 2005: ScicomP: ScicomP 11 will be hosted by HPCx at EPCC.

27 April, 2005: D L_POLY Training Day at Daresbury Laboratory.

30 March - 1 April, 2005: Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP: Training days at EPCC, Edinburgh.

22-24 February, 2005: Message-Passing Programming with MPI: Training days at EPCC, Edinburgh.

5th January 2005: The 1st Northern Atomistic Simulation Group Meeting CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory


26th November 2004: Improved Performance Scaling on HPCx: Training day at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

25th November 2004: Optimisation Techniques for the Power4 Processor: Training day at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

27th-28th October 2004: Message Passing Programming with MPI: Training day at EPCC, Edinburgh.

26th October 2004: Using the HPCx Service : Training day at EPCC, Edinburgh.

25th October 2004: DL_POLY course.: Training day at EPCC, Edinburgh.

September 20-24: Ab Initio Modeling in Solid State Chemistry, London, England.

9th July 2004: Second HPCx Annual Seminar, Edinburgh

8th July 2004: Annual HPCx Users Group Meeting and buffet/wine reception, NeSC and the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

8th July 2004: HPCx course: Improved Performance on HPCx, EPCC, Edinburgh

1st July 2004: Phase 2: Full implementation of the 6 Tflop/s Service

4th June 2004: HPCx course: Using the HPCx Service, Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury

26th May 2004: HPCx Phase2 Workshop and NERC Consortia meeting.

5th April 2004: HPCx Industry Day, Daresbury.


10th December 2003: First HPCx Annual Seminar, Daresbury With links to presentations.

15th-21st November 2003: HPCx stand at the Supercomputing 2003 exhibition, including the Teragyroid demonstrations.

6th November 2003: Opportunities for Biological Consortia on the HPCx Facility, Royal Institution, London.

2nd-4th September 2003: Annual HPC Users Meeting, Nottingham.

2nd-4th September 2003: HPCx Workshop: Using the HPCx Service, as part of the All Hands meeting in Nottingham, see above.

24th April 2003: Introductory training course

24th April 2003: HPCx User Group meeting via the Access Grid

28th February 2003: Deadline for EU applicants for EPCC's MSc in HPC.

10th February 2003: DL_POLY course.

27th January 2003: Introductory training course

28th-30th January 2003: IBM training course at EPCC.

31st January 2003: Deadline for non-EU applicants for EPCC's MSc in HPC.


2nd December 2002: Full service commenced: HPCx Phase 1, 3 Tflop/s service

12th November 2002: Early users gained at-risk access to main HPCx platform

28th November 2002: Introductory training course

4th/5th November 2002: Acceptance test runs

9th October 2002: The earlybird system is closed for good. The HPCx system has arrived at Daresbury.

30th September 2002: HPC User Meeting 2002

1st September 2002: Early users gain access to earlybird.hpcx.ac.uk

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