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Annual Seminar 2007


A 20-mer of D-xylose with alpha(1-4) linkages,
Prof J Harding (University of Sheffield), Dr J Elliott (University of Cambridge)

STFC Daresbury Laboratory

Registration             Directions

The Seminar

The Fifth HPCx Annual Seminar will take place on the 26th November 2007 in the Merrison Lecture Theatre at STFC Daresbury Laboratory near Warrington. This continues the series, following on from the previous HPCx annual seminars, dating back to 2003: First HPCx Annual Seminar, Second HPCx Annual Seminar, Third HPCx Annual Seminar & Fourth HPCx Annual Seminar.

Host and Venue

The seminar will be organised and hosted by the Computational Science & Engineering Department at STFC Daresbury Laboratory. For directions to the Laboratory please click here for directions.

Programme and registration

Please register here .

HPCx Staff Talks
HPCx User Talks
Vendor Talks

09:00 Registration, Tea and Coffee
Session 1 (Chair Mike Ashworth, STFC)
09:45 Welcome & Introduction
10:00 Kimmo Koski Center for Scientific Computing, Espoo Building the European High-Performance Computing Ecosystem
10:45 Steven Kenny University of Loughborough A Multiscale Modelling Approach to Engineering Functional Coatings
11:15 Tea and Coffee
Session 2 (Chair Andy Sunderland, STFC)
11:30 Richard Sandberg University of Southampton Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Flow Past Airfoils and Flat Trailing Edges
12:00 Stan Scott University of Belfast High Performance Computation: Numerical Music or Numerical Noise
12:30 Lunch
Session 3 (Chair Michele Weiland)
13:30 Alan Gadian University of Leeds Use of HPC in “ Weather ” Modelling
14.00 Alan Gray & Mike Ashworth EPCC/STFC Performance comparisons with Hector
14.30 Jonathan Follows IBM BlueGene/P
15:00 Tea and Coffee
Session 4 (Chair David Henty, EPCC)
15:15 Conclusions & HPCx User Group Discussions
16:00 Close

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