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HPCx Industry Day 2004


HPCx Industry Day

HPCx is the UK's premier academic research computing service for leading edge capability class simulations requiring access to the highest levels of computational performance. The service currently comprises 1280 Power 4 IBM process with over 1Terabyte of memory and 18 Terabytes of high-speed disk. The system will soon be enhanced to deliver some 6 Teraflops of performance on the Linpack code, placing it in the top three of the most powerful academic research supercomputers in the world. For further details about the HPCx system and service please look at: http://www.hpcx.ac.uk.

CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory hosted an HPCx Industry Day on 5th April 2004. The main objectives of the meeting were:

* to introduce, raise awareness of, and demonstrate how Terascale class High Performance Computing systems such as HPCx and successive generation of facilities can meet the challenges of industrial R&D;

* to promote the skill-base available in HPCx for efficiently and effectively exploiting high performance computing systems, developing new scientific functionality and simulation technologies;

* to explore the scale and scope of potential commercial interest in the HPCx service and subsequent generations of facilities; and,

* to explore the quality of service required by industrial users of academic research High Performance Computing services.

The audience was made up of potential users of the HPCx service from the industrial sector, a selection of software vendors and academic researchers in addition to Research Council officials with high-performance computing interests. Talks covered the areas of computational engineering, life sciences, environment, materials and chemistry simulations. We placed particularly emphasis on over-viewing the impact that systems with sustained performances of 1 Teraflop, 10 Teraflops and 100 Teraflops would have on industrial R&D applications.


10:00 Welcome Paul Durham
10:15 Overview of the HPCx Service Alan Simpson
10:45 The Challenge of Scaling to 1000's of Processors Martyn Guest
11:30 Computational Enzymology: Modelling Enzyme Catalysis with HPC Adrian Mulholland
University of Bristol
12:00 Next Generation Technologies for First Principles Atomistic Simulation Mike Payne
University of Cambridge
12:30 LUNCH & Tours of HPCx Facility
13:30 Large Scale Simulations of Biological Membranes Mark Sansom
University of Oxford
14:00 Atomistic Applications of HPC in Materials Science Ben Slater
The Royal Institution
14:30 HPC in Modelling Complex Fluids Jonathan Chin
University College London
15:00 Uses of High Performance Computing in Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Phil Tattersall
15:45 Discussion: Introduction by Richard Blake, HPCx

    Industrial demand HPCx and HECTOR
    Capability versus capacity
    Code base - commercial versus bespoke
    Quality of Service

16:15 Summing Up and Close

Agenda: Word and PDF.

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