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CFX is a modular suite of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software for modelling fluid flow, heat transfer and other related phenomena.

Developed and supported from the CFX UK offices at Harwell in Oxfordshire, CFX is widely used within academia and industry in:

At the core of the technology are powerful CFD solvers with a reputation for accuracy and reliability. Multiphase, free-surfaces, combustion and chemical reactions, thermal radiation, particle transport as well as the ability to model flows involving multiple frames of reference are key capabilities offered by the CFX solvers. Current development areas include noise prediction and fluid-structure-interaction.

Sophisticated post-processing tools allow results to be quantitatively and qualitatively viewed. For geometry creation and mesh generation, multi-purpose CFX-Build offers direct geometry import from the leading CAD systems and structured, hybrid and unstructured meshing capability.

Be-spoke modules are available for specific applications such as CFX-TurboGrid (an automated tool for turbomachinery grid generation) and CFX-BladeGen (a CAD tool for impeller design).

Accessing CFX

To invoke the CFX GUI, users should set their

variable appropriately and then invoke the command
Note that the GUI runs on the login node - where computation is extremely restricted, so this method of access should only be used for setting up problems and viewing results. In order to run the CFX Solver, either serially or in parallel, please contact the helpdesk for assistance.

CFX examples

Large Eddy Simulation of flow around cylinder.
Courtesy of FIAT.

Wind flow modelling around urban environment.
Courtesy of BDSP Partnership.

Combusting flow in burner.
Courtesy of Bechtel.

Flow calculation in axial turbine.
Courtesy of Alstom Power.

Free surface calculation of flow around boat.
Courtesy of Navatek.

Flow calculation in UV water treatment unit.
Courtesy of University of Nottingham.

Flow calculation in mixed-flow pump.
Courtesy of Weir Pumps Ltd.

Further Information

For more information on CFX please visit www.cfx.aeat.com

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