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NAMD on NCSA, HPCx, PSC Machines


NAMD 2.4b1 ApoA1 Benchmark
(HPCx POWER4/LeMieux ES45 w/NAMD 2.5b1)

ApoA1 Benchmark, 500 steps
See the NAMD performance page for more information.

Note that the Platinum/Titan lines above overlap for 1- and 2-ppn runs.
There are seven lines, you just can't see them all...
Similarly, the LeMieux single-processor number is obscured by the HPCx single-processor timing.

The timings for the LeMieux system are taken from the paper:

NAMD: Biomolecular simulation on thousands of processors. J. Phillips, G. Zheng, S. Kumar, and L. Kale. In Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM SC2002 Conference, Technical Paper 277. IEEE Press, 2002.

... and here is the raw data, in Excel format.

Many thanks to the HPCx Consortium for providing access to the IBM p690 system for POWER4 benchmarks.

Rick Kufrin
Last modified: December 22, 2002
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