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The HPMVIZ main window

The main window is split in the middle. On the left-hand side it displays a list of the instrumented sections. They are labled with the second argument of the command hpmStart. The column ``Count'' shows how often the instrumented section was entered in the run under investigation. This is followed by two timings. Both are derived from the wall-clock time. ``IncSec'' gives the time spent in this section. In the column ExcSec, the time spent in instrumented regions, which are nested inside the region under investigation, has been subtracted. The right-hand side of the main window displays the source code.

By clicking with the left mouse button on one of the sections in the left-hand side, the relevant code section will be highlighted in the right-hand window. Clicking on an instrumented section with the right mouse button will open a ``metrics'' window for this section.

Joachim Hein