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Capability Incentives



The principal purpose of the Research Councils in funding the HPCx service is to provide a system with capabilities which are unmatched by computing services at the University or department level. Part of the mission of HPCx is to encourage users to broaden their computational work to take full advantage of these capabilities. Courses, technical documentation and direct assistance from the HPCx team are offered to help users in scaling their codes ro run efficiently in large numbers of processors.

The capability incentives scheme is an encouragement to users to broaden their computational science in this way. Under this scheme, codes which scale well are run at a discount — that is, users are not charged the entire cost in AUs of running them. The Capability Incentives policy statement shows that codes are awarded "Seals of Approval" at three levels, depending on how well they scale.

How it works

If you have a code which you feel scales to the standard described in the policy statement for the scheme, the first step is to send a query to the helpdesk (support@hpcx.ac.uk) making your claim.

This will be investigated by a member of the HPCx team, in consultation with you. If the code measures up, the Seal of Approval will be registered in the HPCx database, and a token for it will be created. The codes and tokens currently registered are shown below.

When you use a code with a Seal of Approval, you include the token in your jobscript, as explained below. When the accounting for you job is done, the software recognises the token, and discounts the number of AUs taken from your budget.

In response to a number of questions, here is a table showing the size of the discount for differing numbers of processors and approval levels.

Minimum Number of Processors
Level 256 512 1024
Bronze 5% 5% 5%
Silver 5% 15% 15%
Gold 5% 15% 30%

Current Seals of Approval and tokens

Each token grants a Seal of Approval for a particular project to use a particular code. If the code you wish to use has a Seal of Approval, but no token for your project, please get in touch with the helpdesk (support@hpcx.ac.uk).

CASINO e05 Gold e05G17-CASINO
CASINO e06 Gold e06G16-CASINO
CASINO e40 Gold e40G33-CASINO
CASINO n03 Gold n03G15-CASINO
Code_Saturne z001 Gold z001G49saturne
CP2K e06 Gold e06G20-cp2k
CRYSTAL b01 Silver b01S4-CRYSTAL
CRYSTAL e05 Silver e05S3-CRYSTAL
DL_POLY e05 Gold e05G19-DLPOLY
DL_POLY_3 c01 Gold c01G40-DLPOLY3
FD3D c01 Gold c01G53-FD3D
Fluent e20 Silver e20S41-FLUENT
HemeLB e27 Gold e27G38-HemeLB
Hydra z06 Gold z06G32-HYDRA
KPPW c01 Silver c01S30-KPPW
KPPW e05 Silver e05S31-KPPW
LAMMPS e32 Gold e32G25-LAMMPS
LAMMPS z001 Gold z001G22-LAMMPS
LB3D e10 Gold e10G2-LB3D
LB3D e17 Gold e17G7-LB3D
LB3D x01 Gold x01G6-LB3D
Ludwig e10 Gold e10G8-LUDWIG
MERLIN_3D e20 Bronze e20B34-MERLIN3D
NAMD b02 Gold b02G23-namd
NAMD e10 Gold e10G11-namd
NAMD e27 Gold e27G42-namd
NAMD e28 Gold e28G24-namd
NAMD e58 Gold e58G43-namd
NAMD e99 Gold e99G54-namd
NAMD z001 Gold z001G12-namd
PDNS3D e01 Gold e01G5-pdns3d
PDNS3D e36 Gold e36G37-pdns3d
PDVR3DRZ e04 Gold e04G21-pdvr3drz
PMEFEL x01 Bronze x01B10-pmefel
POLCOMS n04 Bronze n04B39-POLCOMS
PRMAT e03 Silver p01S47-PRMAT
ROTORBMGP e20 Gold e20G14-rotorbmgp
TELEMAC3D z001 Gold z001G56-TELEMAC3D
VASP e05 Gold e05G27-VASP
VASP e06 Gold e06G29-VASP
VASP n03 Gold n03G28-VASP
VASP z001 Gold z001G26-VASP

Using a Seal of Approval

  1. Find the appropriate token for your code and project in the table above. If there is no token allowing your project to get a discount with the code you wish to use, please get in touch with the helpdesk (support@hpcx.ac.uk). Notice that if there is, for example, a gold Seal of Approval, you can still run the code using less than 1024 processors — you will just get a lower rate of discount.

  2. Insert the token into the job_name line of your job script. For example:

    #@ job_name = #abcdef-ghijk#job123
    ...where abcdef-ghijk is the token and job123 is the usual name of your job. The # characters must be there.

  3. Then submit your job as usual. The discounting will be done by the accounting software after your job has run.

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