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The following documentation is available as part the User Guide

We also have a collection of material covering programming using OpenMP and the new OpenMP 3.0 standard.

IBM Documentation

Local copies of some IBM documentation are available here.

The HPCx Service User Guide

This document is intended as a basic user guide to the HPCx Service. It is also useful as a introduction to the service for new users and contains a `getting started' section.

HPCx Technical Reports

The HPCx Technical Reports are in-depth examinations of aspects of the HPCx hardware and software, program packages and libraries, computational techniques and application areas. Most of the authors are members of the HPCx staff.

Capability Incentives

The capability incentives scheme aims to encourage users to scale their codes to use more processors.

Miscellaneous local documentation

The following miscellaneous documentation is also stored locally:

Links to other documentation stored elsewhere

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