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Shared Memory Programming


Course Description

A significant number of parallel computers utilise a shared memory architecture. This course is primarily about how to effectively program these computers. After an introduction to the fundamental concepts of the shared variables model, the course focuses on the syntax and semantics of OpenMP, the industry standard for shared memory programming. Hands-on programming makes up a significant, and integral, part of this course.

The course is normally delivered as an intensive two or three-day module using a variety of methods including lectures, practical exercises, programming examples and informal discussions. This enables lecture material to be supported by the practical sessions in order to reinforce the key concepts.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand the shared variables programming model.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of OpenMP syntax and semantics.
  • Be able to implement correct and efficient OpenMP codes.
  • Understand performance issues in shared-memory programming.

    Pre-requisite Languages

    Fortran, C or C++. It is not possible to do the exercises in Java.

    Contact Information

    To apply for a place on this course please complete this form.

    For any additional information please email HPCx support.

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