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Workshop on Computational Engineering on HPCx


Workshop Description

This workshop on computational engineering will be held at Daresbury Laboratory on Thursday December 14th. The event will focus on exchanging ideas and experiences from running computational engineering simulations on HPCx (and elsewhere).

The workshop will include presentations of engineering research highlights from HPCx, numerical methods, computational issues, experiences on HPCx and other parallel systems, and a forward-look to HECToR. HPCx staff will be contributing talks on spectral methods, performance of Fluent and CFX and porting to HECToR.

Attendees should report to security at the Daresbury Laboratory site entrance where they will be directed to the course venue.

Here are details about how to get to Daresbury Laboratory.

Workshop Agenda

Contact Information

To attend this workshop please complete the registration form.

For any additional information please email HPCx support.

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